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Enfleurage pommades


Enfleurage - the oldest and most expensive extraction process of flowers. Today it has been almost completely abandoned due to the high cost. It isused to extract the oils from fragile flowers such as tuberose, jasmin or gardenia.


The hand-picked petals are deposited in a single layer on a pane of glass called "chassis", that is covered with a film of fat. After 24 or 48 hours, the spent petals are carefully removed. This process is repeated several times, until the fat is saturated with floral oils. Once the enfleurage process is completed, the fatty enfleurage pomade - saturated with odours can be used as a solid perfume.


Sharini Parfums Naturels are delighted to offer three enfleurage pommades.


enfleurage jasmine


30g jasmine enfleurage pommade 42€





enfleurage tuberose



30g Tuberose enfleurage pommade 42€




enfleurage gardenia



30g Gardenia enfleurage pommade 42€










L'enfleurage à froid - Genêt (Sharini Parfums Naturels 05/2010)





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