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Sharini Parfums


Your very own personalised perfume


an original and very personal present for someone you love.....





Imagine a precious perfume composed individually and specially for you with organic essential oils and flower absolutes. Nicholas Jennings, Sharini's head perfumer, will do just that and create a beautiful perfume for you.


You simply have to complete an in-depth questionnaire that will be the basis for composing your perfume. From this Nicholas will create two samples which will be sent to you for your evaluation. Following your comments your perfume will then be delivered to you in a 50 ml bottle, labelled with your name or a name of your choosing.


A certificate accompanies the perfume listing the full recipe and signed by the head perfumer. (Allow approx four weeks from initial questionnaire to completed perfume)


price varies according to ingredients (140-220 euros)

for 50ml eau de parfum


contact Nicholas Jennings for further information.




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